Sunday, October 26, 2008

turtle's favorite lam mee..

Things that you need:

- Chicken boned
- Chicken breast
- Sengkuang
- Prawn
- TauKuah
- Eggs
- Fish ball
- Fish cakes
- Bean Sprout
- Lump sugar (bin tang)
- Mee & Mihun
- Fried Onion

- Oysters sauce
- Sugar & salt


- First of all, boil a pot of water and when it ready out it the chicken breast, chicken boned and sengkuang to let it boil
- After it boil, add a bit of lump sugar, salt and oysters sause
- try to taste it until you feel tat is nice..

- After half an hour, when the chicken breast it also done take it out and chop it into pieces

- This is all the "side dish" that we need to include in Lam Mee
- Wow.. a lot to preapre.. but actually all very easy only..

- Cut the taukuah into pieces then deep fried it
- "TANG"... it looks like this.....

- After the picture above, make the taukuah even smaller
- "i mean cut it la yea.. muahaha"

- Here come the prawn,
- "take out the clothes"
- marinate it with some soya sause and pepper
- stir fried with some oil quickly
- cut into pieces like this..

- Eggs.. same as what we need for Turtle mee goreng
- same pattern, same style and same taste.. haha

- Get variety of fish ball and fish cake
- boil it to make it cook and cut it into the shape u like

- Bean Sprout jus "rebus" it
- tat it.. easy right..

DONE with the perfect Lum Mee


- after the soup boil and the taste is ready..
- get a bit of mee, mihun and bean sprout
- add in all the side dish that has prepare
- pour some soup to it... and
- It's DONE....!!

- Lum Mee will served best if u get a bit of sambal n mix together wif the soup..
- If you wanna cut it short and simple, some of the side dish is not needed..
- jus have a few side dish together wif the soup tat wuld taste nice as well...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dad's Salad Roast Chicken

What you need:

-Chicken thighs

- Light soya sauce

- Dark soya sauce

- white pepper

- lettuce



-mayonise or Thousand Island Salad dressing

- mash potato powder mix

- Meatball gravy mix (can be bought from supermarket)

- honey ( optional)



1. Marinate chicken with light and dark soya sauce, and pepper for 1 hour

2. Pre heat oven

3. Roast Chicken for 40 minutes at 175 degrees C ( 5 chicken thighs)

4. *optional- coat the chicken thigh with honey when almost done


1. wash and cut tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce

2. decorate on plate and add dressing

Mash Potatoes

1. pour hot water in the bowl and stir in mash potato mix until it is fluffy

2. pour hot water in another bowl and stir in meatball mix until smooth

3. put mash potato on place and pour the meatball sauce over it

P.S this recipe is posted by Tissuegirl's dad. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turtle Style Maggie Goreng...

Ingredients you need:

- Prawns
- Bean Sprout
- Eggs
- Chor Sum or Chinese Flowering Cabbage
- Vit's Maggie Mee
- Garlics
- Baby Onion
- Red Chilis

- Dark Soya Sauce
- Soya Sauce
- Salt
- Oysters Sauce


- Waste and cut the Chor Sum into small pieces
- Waste and clean the bean Sprout
- Take out the "clothes" of the prawn and let it "swim" (marinate) together wif some soya sauce, pepper and salt for about 5 mins

- Cut the baby onion and garlic into cube

- Get 2 or 3 Eggs and break it in a bowl and stir it wif some soya sauce and pepper
- Slowly put it in the the wok

- Cut it into small pieces


1) Stir fry the baby onion and garlic

2) Add in the Prawn that has marinate

3) Then add in the Chor Sum and bean sprout

4) Stir until the Chor sum are cooked

5) Now is the time to add in the maggie mee (Remember to cook the Maggie Mee yea..)

6) A bit of Dark Soya Sauce, Oysters Sauce and Soya Sauce into it

7) Stir the Mee to make the color even

8) Finally, is DONE!!!

p/s: served best with Red chilis and soya sauce... :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pork Soup with White Raddish and Pacific Clams

Ingredients you need:

1 kg of Pork ribs ( Pai Guat)

1 White raddish

1 can of pacific clams

1 cube Chicken stock


soya sauce

a pinch of salt


1. Add the chicken stock into the pot of water and boil

2. add the pork ribs and white raddish

3. boil under midium flame for about 1 1/2 hour ( or until raddish is semi transparent and pork ribs are cooked)

4. add a pinch of salt

5. add pepper and soya sauce to taste

6. put the pacific clams in the serving bowl and pour the boiling soup over the clams

7. serve while hot


* best served with cili padi and soya sauce

white raddish

Pacific Clams

Bittergourd Eggs

This recipe is easy to cook and tasty to eat. even those who don't fancy bittergould should give it a try. :)

Ingredients you need:

3 eggs

1/4 bittergourd

Pepper to taste

Soya sauce to taste


Now, let's get cooking:

1. beat 3 eggs in a bowl

2. add pepper and soay sauce to taste and mix well in bowl

3. dig out the seeds from the middle of the bittergourd with a spoon

4. cut the bittergourd into thin slices

5. heat up a wok and put a little oil

6. stir fry the bittergourd until cooked

7. pour the cooked bittergourd into the bowl of egges and mix well

8. under medium low flame, pour the mixture ( egges and bittergourd) into the wok

9. after one side of the egg is slighty brown and the top side of the egg is almost dry, flip the egg and wait for awhile ( till egg completely cooked)

10.serve immediately.



Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cutting the Ribbon!

Welcome to Food Monster!
Come 1 come all- For those who CAN cook : Yay! More homely recipes; for those who CAN'T cook: Start NOW.

This blog is dedicated to the exchange of recipes for the greater good of:

The college/uni-womankind (or mankind) who loves to cook but who's cooking skills are dwlinding because of ASSIGNMENTS and CLASSES;

The college/uni-womankind (or mankind) who loves to cook but has no time what-so-ever to cook because of ASSIGNMENTS and CLASSES- Thus, waiting for the holidays;

The college/uni-womankind (or mankind) who loves to cook but are running out of things to cook;

The college/uni-womankind (or mankind) who only knows how to cook Maggi Mee variations and wants to be able to cook more than "Maggi Mee Satu";

The "I-don't even-know-what's-oil-for" womankind (or mankind) who wants to learn how to cook but doesn't know what to cook or where to start! - and is unwilling to try the incomprehensive recipes in their mother's old chinese ( CHINESE?! See that's why they dont' cook) recipe books;

and those who are just KPCs.

Be it "My-mommy's-recipe-which-i-stole"
or the

-Here's the place to be!

P.s. If we don't update this blog often, it means we are busy with "emhum" :

Note: cook at own risk. any injuries, "bleuk-what-is-that" faces from family members or kitchen mischaps caused- are your fault. :P